The Maryland General Assembly is Back in Session!

January 12, 2018

The Maryland General Assembly got off to a busy start on Wednesday, reelecting Mike Busch as Speaker and preparing for a heavy workload brought on by a Trump administration that has proven disastrous to Maryland in myriad ways. The House has already overridden two of the Governor’s vetoes, more on that below, but that’s just the beginning because there is a TON of work to do this session. We have to protect Marylanders from the devastating Trump tax overhaul, find health insurance for thousands of Maryland children because of ineptitude in Congress, protect our air and water from the Trump administration’s deregulation of environmental protections, and find funding for school construction and transportation projects in Montgomery County while Governor Hogan continues to siphon our money and send it to rural Maryland, just to name a few. And to add, his friend President Trump is busy sending our money to welfare states like Mississippi, so we have our work cut out for us! Stay tuned for weekly updates as the 90 day session progresses.

The week started off with a fundraiser at my sister’s home in Montgomery Village. It was great to see Ben Jealous there – someone who will make an excellent Governor of – as well as the President of the African Women’s Council, Mary-Rose Sirikari, and one of my favorite members of the Montgomery County Democratic Central Committee, Mumin Barre. Fundraising is my least favorite part of being a Delegate, but it’s a necessary part of being in a position to enact good policy that will help Maryland.

On Tuesday morning I was interviewed by Doug Tallman from Montgomery County Media. A few excerpts from the interview are posted below.

On securing state funding

On terminating parental rights for rapists

On Maryland’s response to Trump’s tax reform

On the Federal Government’s failure to fund the Children’s Health Insurance Plan (CHIP)

Later on Tuesday I spoke at a press conference in support of a bill I am sponsoring that would bring 100% clean, renewable electricity to Maryland by 2035. Powering our state with 100% clean, renewable energy is not a scientific or engineering problem — we know how to do it — it’s a political problem, and one that we intend to solve. Climate change is the single biggest threat to humanity and the planet, and I view it as a moral duty to take strong and immediate action. Maryland is a small state, but it is positioned to create model policy that other states and countries can adopt. That is how Maryland can have a positive impact on the entire planet.

Tuesday ended with my response to a question by Luke Broadwater from the Baltimore Sun. Luke wanted to know if any elected officials in Maryland thought that Senator Nathaniel Oaks, who is under federal indictment, should resign.

Mike Busch sworn-in as Speaker

Session started on Wednesday with us swearing in Michael Erin Busch as Speaker of the House. Busch is the longest serving Speaker in Maryland history, and has presided over landmark legislation such as marriage equality, the death penalty repeal, and the DREAM Act.

Thursday was a landmark day because the House was able to override two of Governor Hogan’s vetoes. The first was Earned Sick Leave which will provide sick leave for over 700,000 Marylanders that currently don’t have it. The ability to stay home when your sick is so important, and I’m glad that we were able to strike down the Governor’s reckless veto. I was proud to vote FOR Earned Sick Leave, and AGAINST Hogan’s veto.

I also voted for the Governor’s veto to ban the box on college applications.

Finally, I sponsored and cosponsored several bills this week and I’ll write about them during next week’s update. For now, have a great weekend!



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