Toughening Criminal Justice Laws

  • Tightening drunk driving laws: Working with Governor Hogan, the House passed legislation to crack down on repeat drunk drivers by enhancing the penalty for anyone who has three or more drunk driving convictions for an enhanced penalty of up to 10 years. This builds on legislation last year to expand the use of ignition interlocks for drunk drivers.
  • Banning guns on college campuses: The House passed strong legislation to ban guns on college campuses to ensure all Maryland public colleges and universities are safe. Across the country, 95% of college presidents support a gun ban on college campuses, 79% of college students would not feel safe with concealed guns on campus, and 89% of campus police chiefs believe preventing guns from being on campus is the best practice.
  • Bail Reform: Earlier this year, the Court of Appeals instituted a court rule to make the use of cash bail the last resort, based on an opinion of Attorney General Frosh that cash bail cannot be used for punitive purposes under Maryland’s Constitution. This was a heated debate in the Maryland Senate. Ultimately, the House adopted budget language to get more information about the impact of the new court rule for review during the 2018 legislative session.