Fighting for Maryland Workers and the Middle Class

  • Earned Sick Leave: House Bill 1, the Maryland Healthy Working Families Act, will allow over 693,000 Marylanders to no longer make an impossible choice: go to work sick or send an ill child to school, or stay home and sacrifice much needed income – or worse, possibly lose his or her job. Under the bill, employees will be able to earn up to 5 days of sick leave. The bill exempts seasonal businesses and employers that already offers comparable benefits don’t have to change a thing.
  • Hometown Heroes: House Bill 100 is bipartisan legislation that provides a $15,000 income tax deduction on the retirement income of thousands of law enforcement, fire, rescue, and EMS personnel who are 55 years and older.
  • Manufacturing Tax Credit: Working with Governor Hogan, Senate Bill 317, The More Jobs for Marylanders Act, provides $10 million of income, sales, and property taxes per year to manufacturers who move into Maryland from out of State and create new manufacturing jobs in counties with high unemployment. The tax credits are good for 10 years. The bill also allows existing manufacturers in the State who create new jobs to claim an income tax credit for each new job created, along with depreciation tax benefits for new equipment placed into service.
  • Foreclosure Protection: The House passed a series of bills to help communities with high foreclosure rates recover from the housing crisis. These bills will help bring properties more quickly to the market and ultimately improve Maryland’s property foreclosure registry so counties and neighborhoods are better informed about vacant homes around them.
  • Preventing Price Gouging of Prescription Drugs: House Bill 631 authorizes the Attorney General to prevent the prescription drug price gouging of off-patent drugs. The legislation would help the Attorney General investigate why the prices for certain drugs skyrocket and would force pharmaceutical companies to the table to justify those increases.