2018 General Assembly Session: Week 4

February 8, 2018

Last week the Governor delivered his State of the State address, Montgomery County fought to win the Amazon HQ2 bid, the Dems proposed a lockbox on education funding from gambling, and much more!

With Senator Nancy King and Gigi Godwin at the Montgomery County Chamber of Commerce Reception


I spoke in favor of Montgomery County’s proposal to house Amazon’s second headquarters, and our county is one of only 20 jurisdictions nationwide being considered. 238 cities submitted proposals and Montgomery is among the few that made it to the next round. If successful, we’re looking at 40,000 new jobs with average salaries of at least $100k. There are claw-back provisions in the bill, so if the jobs and salaries don’t hit those levels then the state is off the hook for providing the tax cuts to Amazon that it is using to lure the project. This is game-changing for our county, state, and region. I’m happy to report that the county delegation is working with County Executive Ike Leggett to make this possibility a reality.


I stood with my colleagues in support of two bills designed to curb gun violence in Maryland. One would ban bump stocks – a device that makes semi automatic weapons fully automatic – and another would repeal the Handgun Permit Review Board and turn concealed carry permit appeal decisions over to administrative law judges. More here.

Ran into some friends on my way to a voting session and the Governor’s State of the State speech last Wednesday. Big Chicken dumps a lot of money into politics in Maryland.

Revoking parental rights from rapists


After years of roadblocks and delays, we finally passed the Rape Survivor Family Protection Act. This bill seeks to terminate parental rights for convicted rapists. I was a proud cosponsor along with many others. The bill also passed the Senate, and is expected to become law.

State of the State

Also on Wednesday, Governor Hogan delivered his annual State of the State speech. It was a short speech, both in content and details, but unlike in the past he focused on bipartisan successes this year which was nice.


We had a great rally for 100% clean, renewable electricity in Maryland by 2035. It was so uplifting to be around people that are fighting for real change, and know that it is possible. Everyone I speak with wants 100% clean, renewable energy, but it’s easy to get disillusioned in our current political climate and think that getting to 100% isn’t realistic – many of my friends who are environmentalists feel this way. That’s why spending time with so many activists, scientists, engineers, healthcare professionals, and Maryland residents that are truly fighting for the seventh generation is so inspirational. This bill is the most ambitious climate fighting legislation in the country that is actually doable, and we’re going to do everything that we can to make it happen.


I filed HB 878, the 100% Clean Renewable Energy Equity Act of 2018 with 47 cosponsors. Do you see your Delegates on the above list? If so, they’re on board with 100% clean, renewable electricity by 2035, and I’m proud to stand with them. BTW – we call the list a “blue back” which is where Delegates circle their names and add their initials to indicate that they wish to cosponsor a particular bill. In the Senate they are called “white backs”.

More next week!

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