2018 General Assembly Session: Week 3

January 26, 2018

A lot happened this week, including bill hearings, a rally to protect our air, discussion of the plan to bring Amazon’s HQ2 to Montgomery County, and much more!


The Montgomery County Democratic Caucus met with County Executive Ike Leggett to discuss our proposal to bring Amazon’s second headquarters to Montgomery County. There will likely be a lot more coverage of this over the course of the session. Read more here:

Later on Monday Delegate David Fraser-Hidalgo and I met with the Chairwoman of the Legislative Black Caucus, Delegate Cheryl Glenn, to discuss how the selection process for medical marijuana growing licenses can be improved. Currently there are no licensees from Montgomery County despite several good applications.

Delegates Robinson and Carr with Moms Demand Action


Moms Demand Action met with me and Delegate Al Carr to discuss a bill that would take guns away from domestic abusers. We both agreed to cosponsor the legislation. According to the group, women are five times as likely to be murdered by their partner if there is a gun present in the house. Domestic abusers should not have access to firearms.

The Environment & Transportation Committee

The committee I serve on had its first bill hearings this week. We also had briefings on the budget, and the state of agriculture in Maryland.


There was a rally and press conference for HB 26 – The Community Healthy Air Act. Currently we aren’t monitoring the air quality around factory farms, despite a higher level of upper respiratory disorders and other illnesses in surrounding communities. This bill requires the Department of the Environment to monitor and report on air quality so that we can better understand and respond to health problems affecting Marylanders living near industrial agriculture.

Speaking in favor of HB 26 – The Community Healthy Air Act

Also on Wednesday I presented my first bill of the session. HB 104 makes it easier to donate to programs and projects that help the Chesapeake Bay when you are buying a license through the Department of Natural Resource’s website. Many hunters, fisherman, boaters, and other outdoor enthusiasts are very willing to donate to help the bay. This bill makes donating easier.

Meeting with leaders of US Wind to discuss my 100% clean, renewable electricity by 2035 bill. It was a great meeting, and with a few improvements to the legislation we may be able to move the target to 2029!


More hearings and meetings. Bill hearings in the Environment & Transportation Committee generally begin at 1pm. These hearings are recorded so you can watch them at your convinience. For more information on the committee, and what bills we’re hearing, click here.


The Montgomery County House Delegation met at 9am for a briefing from Senator Ben Cardin, local bill hearings, and a voting session. You can learn more about the delegation here, and next week’s agenda is already posted. Meetings are open to the public.

Bill Introduction & Rally for 100% Clean Energy!

Join us for a rally and press conference to officially introduce the bill that will move Maryland to 100% clean energy! This is the strongest climate bill ever introduced in Annapolis

Finally, Bethesda Magazine posted an article today entitled Leggett Accuses District 39 Incumbents of Deciding Primary Slate in ‘Smoke-Filled Room’. While it is everyone’s right to endorse and support any candidate, I take issue with the innuendo directed at my legislative team. The County Executive has never spoken with me about our process for selecting Lesley Lopez as a member of the District 39 Slate, and to my knowledge he has never met with her. The following quote is completely out of character for someone who I have always found to be a thoughtful leader and statesman.

“When our legislators decide in the back rooms, the smoke-filled room, that they’re going to concoct other candidates, some of whom we’ve never known or never heard from—their background and their status … questionable in terms of ethnicity and what have you [and] to say we’re going to do this over a qualified candidate who has been working for [District] 39 and for Democrats years on years, that to me is unacceptable,” Leggett declared.

Mr. Leggett, you owe Lesley Lopez and her family an apology.

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